The videos are some examples of my work:

Stalked: Someone's Watching Me: 

A true crime series about when love goes wrong, bad things happen.. Discovery I.D​​. Channel 2014.

True Crime with Aphrodite Jones: 

Trent Lamont Miller, plays killer Kenneth Minor. Discovery I.D. Channel 2013.

True Crime: I Need a Gun: 

Motivational speaker seeks Harlem man to kill him. Discovery I.D. Channel 2013.

When Drama Becomes Normal: 

Trying to do the right thing does not always pay off, especially when there's a gun in your face. Independent Film 2012.

Grad Night Film (2006):

Urban comedy set in LA. about high school kids trying to fit in, and know where they are going in life.

Demo Reel (2012):

Simple demo reel. Scene from a police drama, and one from a comedy.